Vince Leo






2205 W 52nd Street

Minneapolis, MN 55419


Instagram and the Artist Studio

MCAD Gallery, Minneapolis, 2018

Remembered As A Blessing

congregation Beth Jacob, Mendota Heights, MN 2018

Jewish Community Center, St Paul, MN 2019


Centre for Curatorial Studies/offshoreart.co, Bard College, New York, 2015

Ordinarily Here (group)

Weisman Museum, University of Minnesota, June 2010

For Daniel Pink (group)_

Vega Estates, Chicago, September 2009

Two Rabbits by Ernest Leo (solo)

Kiehle Gallery, St. Cloud University, November, 2008

WorkBook (group)

“Two Workbooks,” Katherine E Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota, June 2008

Relative Closeness (group)

“Foxtrot for Three,” Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, Il, June 2007

Family Diaries (group)  "Foxtrot for Three," Rockford Art Center, Midwest Photographers Project, Rockford Il September, 2005

Midwest Photographers Project, participant, The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College, Chicago (2004-2005)

New Photography: McKnight Fellows 2003 (2003) "Foxtrot for Three," Katherine Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, December, 2003

“Three Stories From Little America," Minneapolis Institute of Arts, solo exhibition, December-February, 2003

"Two Women" Weinstein Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, April, 2001

“Slow Attention" Joachim Brohm and Vince Leo, Projectraum Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 1999

"Dad's Day Documents" pArts Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, 1996

"Lucky" Vince Leo, Melba Price, and Bruce Tapola, Katherine Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, 1996

“Book Ends and Odd Books" (group) Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada, 1993

"Family Matters: An Exhibition of Works by Vince Leo, Sally Mann, Philip-Lorca diCorcica, and Melissa Shook," Northlight Gallery, Tempe, Arizona, 1993

"The Invention of Childhood" (group) Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI,1992

"S&L: Transactions in the Post-Industrial Era" (group), Walter McBean Gallery, San Francisco Arts Institute, 1991

"Reframing the Family" (group), Artists Space, New York, NY, 1991

 "Public Photographs" (group), Camera Austria International Symposium on Photography, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria, 1991

"Clear and Present Danger: Censorship in an Age of Intolerance" Carleton College Art Gallery, Northfield, MN, 1991

"Birthday" (slide/sound installation) Film in the Cities, Minneapolis, MN, 1988, C.A.G.E., Cincinnati, Ohio, 1987

 "1981" The Modern Gallery, Columbus, Ohio (solo), 1986

 "The Family: Tradition/Transition" (group), Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Minneapolis MN, 1985

 "Seven from Columbus" curated by Barbara Haskell, Whitney Museum (group), Hoyt L. Sherman Gallery, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 1984

 "Two Picture Pictures" Ten on Eight, New York, NY (solo), 1979

 "Masks" Polaroids of Masks by Kerry Schuss, (group) Visiting Artist Collaborative, New York, NY, 1978


We Make Things

Self-published artist book, 2011

Timetable Project: National Association of Artists Organizations

Commissioned artist project, 1990

Timetable Project: First Banks (Mao Prints Kept over Objections)

Commissioned artist project

First Bank System, 1989

Glass/Serra Installation

Wexner Center for the Visual Arts,

limited edition artists book, 1987



Little Brown Mushroom Blog

“Honor Roll: PBS NewsHour,” review, 2013

“Lebensmittel by Michael Schmidt,” review, 2013

“Elementary Calculus by J. Carrier,” review, 2012

“Found Photos in Detroit by Arianna Arcara and Luca Santese” review, 2012

 “The Heart of It All,” Introduction, Ohio, Joachim Brohm, Steidl Books, Dusseldorf, Germany, 2010

"A Tabletop Beyond Control is a World Beyond Desire,” catalog essay, Water Being Water, David Goldes, Wright State University, Dayton, OH, 2005

“Daydream #9,” Spectra Journal, Museum Computer Network, March 2001

“Lake Street USA: Stories and Moments,” Hyper-essay, Walker Arts Center, Gallery 9, 2000

“Making Histories,” catalog essay for Dorit Cypes exhibition Angel of Histories, University of California, Riverside, 2000

“Photo CD-ROMS on Parade,” essay for the online exhibition Digital Documentary, Steve Dietz curator, Minneapolis Center for Photography, Minneapolis, 1999

Little Miracles, Editor and writer, special issue of pARTs Journal, Minneapolis, 1998

William Wegman “William Wegman at the Gates of Eden,” catalog essay, Isetan Muyseum of Art, Tokyo, Japan, 1997 reprinted in On the Banal, On the Comic, and On the Tragic, Encontros da Imagem, Madrid, Spain, 1998


"Robert Frank: From Compromise to Collaboration," Number 42, 1994


"JoAnn Verburg," October, 1994

"Robert Frank's The Americans," June, 1994

"Vince Leo on Full Disclosure," March, 1994

"I Wuv You," October, 1993

"Stuart Mead at Riflesport," January, 1993


"Neighbourhood Watch: Vince Leo on the Politics of Visual Space," March, 1996

"Playing for Keeps, Vince Leo on POGs," November, 1995

"Say Cheese,” Vince Leo on Polaroid's New Talking Camera," June, 1995


"Born under a Visual Sign," May, 1996

"Listening to Avedon," November, 1995

"At Work in the Fields of the Bomb," book review.  May, 1988

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Here + Now

Publication editor and writer, “The New Patronage,” The McKnight Foundation, Minneapolis, MN, 1996

Camera Austria

"Written on the Wind: Rethinking the Photographic Network," Spring Issue, 1992

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Edward Hopper and American Photography

Folkwang Museum, Essen, Germany (illustrated catalogue essay)


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--Material Culture, column.  1988


--"Amber Waves of Grain."  April, 1989

--"Christopher Makos."  November, 1988

--"Deborah Bright/Jeff Weiss."  January, 1988

Joachim Brohm: Photographs

"Acts of Allegiance," catalog introduction, Siemens Company, Munich, 1991

Mom Leaves Baby on Bus

Cincinnati Metro Transit System, catalog essay, 1988


"Clintonville Confidential: TV for the Future," review.  Jan./Feb, 1987

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Interdisciplinary Teams, paper, Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design Symposium, Baltimore, MD, 2004

“Parables of the Index: Religious Experience in Twentieth Century Photography,” paper, Symposium for Liberal Arts in Education, New York, 2001

“My Favorite Maybes,” Visiting Artist Lecture,

California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, 2001

Otis School of Art, Los Angeles, 2001

“Christian Iconography in 20th Century Photography,”

paper, College Art Association Annual conference, Chicago, February, 2001

“The Photographic Nude in Context,”

Minneapolis Institute of Art, December 2000

“Alternative Assignments in Photographic History”

panel presentation, Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design Annual Conference, Ringling College of Art and Design, November 2000

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Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN, May 2000

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Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, MN 1999

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Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, 1993

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"Written on the Wind: Rethinking the Photographic Network"

Camera Austria, Graz, Austria, 1991

Film in the Cities, St. Paul, MN, 1992

New York University, New York, NY, 1992

"Dance With Me: A Critical Pas de Deux" (with Dorit Cypis) Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis, MN, 1991

"Photographic Cultures" a lecture to accompany the touring exhibition "Recaption/Recontext," presented at 7 sites, 1990

"Works in Progress"

Film in the Cities, Minneapolis, 1988

"Rereading Minor White"

Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH, 1987

"Works in Progress"

California Institute of the Arts, 1987

"Berenice Abbott and the Forces of History"

keynote address, College of Arts Symposium, Ohio State University, 1986

"The Mushroom Cloud Photograph: Terror and Identification"  Columbia College, Chicago, IL, 1985

"The Cloud at the End of the World: Mushroom Cloud Photographs and the New Apocalypse"

University Gallery, Ohio State University, 1985

"Hostages: Stereotypes and Cliches"

panel discussion with Barbara Kruger and Mary Beth Edelson,

Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 1984



“Faithful Representations: A Lecture Series on Art and Religion”

St James Episcopal Church, Minneapolis, MN 1999

"The Future of Photography," lecture series, including Mary Warner Marien, Jay Ruby, and Timothy Druckrey, Film in the Cities, St. Paul, MN, 1989

"Recaption/Recontext," exhibition University Museum of Art, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (catalog, regional tour), 1988

"Mom Leaves Baby On Bus," project editor, Cincinnati Metro Buses, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1988,(catalogue)

 "Secrets of a Slide File," exhibition Gund Gallery, Ohio Arts Council, Columbus, Ohio, 1986

 "From Selma to Montgomery: Allen Zak," exhibition, Film in the Cities, Minneapolis MN, 1984

"From Selma to Montgomery: The Civil Rights Movement in 1965" photographs by Allen Zak," exhibition, Sullivant Hall Gallery, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 1982



Minnesota State Arts Board Career Opportunity Grant, 2003

McKnight Foundation Fellowship (Photography), 2002/03, 1989

Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowship (Photography) 1998

Critic's Travel Grant

Dayton Hudson Foundation/Center for Arts Criticism, 1992

Bush Foundation Artist Fellowship, 1991

Jerome Foundation Grant for Individual Artists (Photography), 1989

Professional Development Award, Ohio Arts Council, 1986

Individual Artist Fellowship (criticism), Ohio Arts Council, 1985

Individual Artist Fellowship (photography),  Ohio Arts Council, 1985

Individual Artist Fellowship (criticism), Ohio Arts Council, 1984



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